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  • Poetry

    Everything transcend through candle, in bread, in flower, in hands...
    The land grows green, they are vital memories;
    the Huastecan wilderness: immortal women
    who continue to

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  • Traditions

    The offerings, a main aspect of the celebration, echo the profound love that the Oaxacan people feel towards life. There are subtle variations in the presentation of the offerings, among...

  • Celebraciones

    El Centro de Arte de Petaluma y el grupo independiente Almas Teatrales, le invitan a asistir a la puesta en escena "Cuando las almas regresan", una obra escrita y dirigida por el actor y...

  • Tourism and Travel

    Second Part

    Story and photos by Bob Schulman

    In Part 1 of this story we toured the Mayan archaeological...

  • What is the "Day of the Dead?"
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