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  • Mexico Tourism News

    Mazatlan recently introduced a fleet of five double-decked, open-top “Fun Buses” that seat from 52 to 78 passengers. The brightly painted buses pick up individual riders on morning and...

  • Poetry


    En los Altos de Jalisco

    crece frondoso el agave;

    por ser azul es muy dulce

    con un aroma muy suave.

    La Huesos que bebe mucho

    compra el tequila a

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  • Celebrations

    Cancun, Quintana Roo, October 22, 2010 – The Caribbean paradise of Cancun attracts tourists year-round with its sunshine and breathtaking turquoise waters. But...

  • Tourism and Travel

    By Lina Broydo

    Photos by Sam Broydo

    Living la vida loca was my dream “getaway” come true as we reached Zihuatanejo Bay,...

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